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Welcome to Trinity Pharmacy

Trinity Pharmacy began in 1980 as an independent, locally-owned pharmacy to serve the Carrollton and North Dallas area. Our focus has always been on personal service, gifts, customized prescriptions of all kinds, medical supplies, and expert advice. 

Get to Know Us

At Trinity Pharmacy, every aspect of our daily operations is geared toward providing you with the best possible service. Our team of highly-trained pharmacists and technicians, delivery personnel and other team members are dedicated to serving you in a promptly and courteous manner. We take pride in our ability to provide our clients with outstanding service, and this is why we make sure to always go the extra mile to meet your needs.

At Trinity pharmacy, we understand that every patient's needs are unique. That's why we offer non-sterile compounding solutions tailored to your specific requirements. From changing the delivery system of your medication to adding flavoring, we're here to make sure you get the medication you need in the way that works for you.

Customized Non-Sterile Compounding Solutions

1925 Rosemeade Parkway

Carrollton Texas 75007

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